1. First of all you will need to cut the long side of your cards with a pair of scissors. But do not cut the aces. 2. So now every card, except the aces, are narrowed down by about 2 millimeters on both sides. 3. Either you can shuffle the car... Read more of The Four Ace Trick at Card Trick.caInformational Site Network Informational
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The witty Lord Ross, having spent all his money in London, set
out for Ireland, in order to recruit his purse. On his way, he happened to
meet with Sir Murrough O'Brien, driving for the capital in a handsome
phaeton, with six prime dun-coloured horses. "Sir Murrough," exclaimed his
lordship, "what a contrast there is betwixt you and me! You are driving
your _duns_ before you, but my _duns_ are driving me before them."

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