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During the assault of Thurot on the town of
Carrickfergus in 1760, an incident took place, reflecting at once the
highest lustre on the soldier concerned, and evincing the union of
consummate courage with noble humanity. Whilst the combatants were opposed
to each other in the streets, and every inch was pertinaciously disputed by
the British forces, a child by some accident escaped from a house in the
midst of the scene of action, and ran, unawed by the danger, into the
narrow interval between the hostile fronts. One of the French grenadiers
seeing the imminent danger of the child, grounded his piece; left the ranks
in the hottest fire; took the child in his arms, and placed it in safety in
the house from which it had come, and then with all possible haste returned
to resume his part in the fight.

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