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In the year 1675, the Council of Vienna sent Montecuculi to
oppose Turenne, as the only officer that was thought to be a match for him.
Both generals were perfect masters of the art of war. They passed four
months in watching each other, and in marches and counter-marches; at
length Turenne thought he had got his rival into such a situation as he
wanted, near Saltsbach, when, going to choose a place to erect a battery,
he was unfortunately struck by a cannon shot, which killed him on the spot.
The same ball having carried away the arm of St. Hilaire,
lieutenant-general of the artillery, his son, who was near, could not
forbear weeping. "Weep not for me," said Hilaire, "but for the brave man
who lies there, whose loss to his country nothing can repair."

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