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A Canine Sheep-stealer

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A shepherd, who was hanged for sheep-stealing, used to commit his
depredations by means of his dog. When he intended to steal any sheep, he
detached the dog to perform the business. With this view, under pretence
of looking at the sheep, with an intention to purchase them, he went
through the flock with the dog at his foot, to whom he secretly gave a
signal, so as to let him know the particular sheep he wanted, perhaps to
the number of ten or twelve, out of a flock of some hundreds; he then went
away, and from a distance of several miles, sent back the dog by himself
in the night time, who picked out the individual sheep that had been
pointed out to him, separated them from the flock, and drove them before
him, frequently a distance of ten or twelve miles, till he came up with
his master, to whom he delivered up his charge.

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