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A constable once made a complaint before a bench of London magistrates
against a horse for stealing hay. The complainant stated that the horse
came regularly every night of its own accord, and without any attendant,
to the coach-stands in St. George's, fully satisfied his appetite, and
then galloped away. He defied the whole of the parish officers to
apprehend him; for if they attempted to go near him while he was eating,
he would throw up his heels and kick at them, or run at them, and if they
did not go out of the way, he would bite them. The constable therefore
thought it best to represent the case to the magistrates.

One of the Magistrates: "Well, Mr. Constable, if you should be annoyed
again by this animal in the execution of your duty, you may apprehend him
if you can, and bring him before us to answer your complaints."

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