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Long Lost Found Again

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A female elephant belonging to a gentleman at Calcutta broke loose from
her keeper, and was lost in the woods. The excuses which the keeper made
were not admitted. It was supposed that he had sold the elephant; his wife
and family therefore were sold for slaves, and he was himself condemned to
work upon the roads. About twelve years after, this man was ordered into
the country to assist in catching wild elephants. The keeper fancied he
saw his long-lost elephant in a group that was before them. He was
determined to go up to it; nor could the strongest representations of the
danger dissuade him from his purpose. When he approached the creature, she
knew him, and giving him three salutes, by waving her trunk in the air,
knelt down and received him on her back. She afterwards assisted in
securing the other elephants, and likewise brought her three young ones.
The keeper recovered his character; and, as a recompense for his
sufferings and intrepidity, had an annuity settled on him for life. This
elephant was afterwards in the possession of Governor Hastings.

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