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Tame Hares

AnimalAnecdotes Home

The hare is scarcely a domestic animal; yet we have an account of one who
was so domesticated as to feed from the hand, lay under a chair in a
common sitting-room, and appear in every other respect as easy and
comfortable in its situation as a lapdog. It now and then went out into
the garden, but after regaling itself with the fresh air, always returned
to the house as its proper habitation. Its usual companions were a
greyhound and spaniel, with whom it spent its evenings, the whole three
sporting and sleeping together on the same hearth. What makes the
circumstance more remarkable is, that the greyhound and spaniel were both
so fond of hare-hunting, that they used often to go out coursing together,
without any person accompanying them; they were like the "sly couple",
of whose devotion to the chase an amusing instance has been already

A traveller once brought a young hare to such a degree of frolicsome
familiarity, that it would run and jump about his sofa and bed; leap upon,
and pat him with its fore feet; or whilst he was reading, knock the book
out of his hands, as if to claim, like a fondled child, the exclusive
preference of his attention.

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