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The Lion And His Keeper

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In a large continental menagerie there was a lion called Danco, whose cage
was in want of some repairs. His keeper desired a carpenter to set about
it, but when the workman came and saw the lion, he started back with
terror. The keeper entered the animal's cage, and led him to the upper
part of it, while the lower was refitting. He there amused himself for
some time playing with the lion, and being wearied, he soon fell asleep.
The carpenter, fully relying upon the vigilance of the keeper, pursued his
work with rapidity, and when he had finished, he called him to see what
was done. The keeper made no answer. Having repeatedly called in vain, he
began to feel alarmed at his situation, and he determined to go to the
upper part of the cage, where, looking through the railing, he saw the
lion and the keeper sleeping side by side. He immediately uttered a loud
cry; the lion, awakened by the noise, started up and stared at the
carpenter with an eye of fury, and then, placing his paw on the breast of
his keeper, lay down to sleep again. At length the keeper was awakened by
some of the attendants, and he did not appear in the least apprehensive on
account of the situation in which he found himself, but shook the lion by
the paw, and then gently conducted him to his former residence.

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