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The Power Of Music

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One Sunday evening, five choristers were walking on the banks of a river;
after some time, being tired with walking, they sat down on the grass, and
began to sing an anthem. The field on which they sat was terminated at one
extremity by a wood, out of which, as they were singing, they observed a
hare to pass with great swiftness towards the place where they were
sitting, and to stop at about twenty yards' distance from them. She
appeared highly delighted with the harmony of the music, often turning up
the side of her head to listen with more facility. As soon as the
harmonious sound was over, the hare returned slowly towards the wood; when
she had nearly reached the end of the field, the choristers began the same
piece again; at which the hare stopped, turned round, and came swiftly
back to about the same distance as before, where she seemed to listen with
rapture and delight, till they had finished the anthem, when she returned
again by a slow pace up the field, and entered the wood.

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