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Bad Habit

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SIR FREDERICK FLOOD had a droll habit, of which he could never
effectually break himself. Whenever a person at his back whispered or
suggested anything to him whilst he was speaking in public, without a
moment's reflection, he always repeated the suggestion literatim. Sir
Frederick was once making a long speech in the Irish Parliament, lauding
the transcendent merits of the Wexford magistracy, on a motion for
extending the criminal jurisdiction in that county, to keep down the
disaffected. As he was closing a most turgid oration by declaring that
the said magistracy ought to receive some signal mark of the
Lord-Lieutenant's favor, John Egan, who was rather mellow, and sitting
behind him, jocularly whispered, and be whipped at the cart's
tail.--And be whipped at the cart's tail! repeated Sir Frederick
unconsciously, amidst peals of uncontrollable laughter.

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