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Clear The Court

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AN Irish crier at Ballinasloe being ordered to clear the court, did so
by this announcement: Now, then, all ye blackguards that isn't
lawyers, must lave the coort.


AN old shoemaker in Glasgow was sitting by the bedside of his wife, who
was dying. She took him by the hand. Weel, John, we're gawin to part. I
hae been a gude wife to you, John.--O, just middling, just middling,
Jenny, said John, not disposed to commit himself. John, says she, ye
maun promise to bury me in the auld kirk-yard at Stra'von beside my
mither. I couldna rest in peace among unco folk, in the dirt and smoke
o' Glasgow.--Weel, weel, Jenny, my woman, said John soothingly,
we'll just pit you in the Gorbals first, and gin ye dinna lie quiet,
we'll try you sine in Stra'von.

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