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Lord Chesterfield

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WHEN Lord Chesterfield was in administration, he proposed a person to
his late majesty as proper to fill a place of great trust, but which the
king himself was determined should be filled by another. The council,
however, resolved not to indulge the king, for fear of a dangerous
precedent, and it was Lord Chesterfield's business to present the grant
of office for the king's signature. Not to incense his majesty by asking
him abruptly, he, with accents of great humility, begged to know with
whose name his majesty would be pleased to have the blanks filled up.
With the devil's! replied the king, in a paroxysm of rage. And
shall the instrument, said the Earl, coolly, run as usual, Our trusty
and well-beloved cousin and counsellor?--a repartee at which the king
laughed heartily, and with great good-humor signed the grant.

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