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A GENTLEMAN once appeared in the Court of King's Bench to give bail in
the sum of 3,000l. Serjeant Davy, wanting to display his wit, said to
him, sternly, And pray, sir, how do you make out that you are worth
3,000l.? The gentleman stated the particulars of his property up to
2,940. That's all very good, said the serjeant, but you want 60l.
more to be worth 3,000.--For that sum, replied the gentleman, in no
ways disconcerted, I have a note of hand of one Mr. Serjeant Davy, and
I hope he will have the honesty soon to settle it. The serjeant looked
abashed, and Lord Mansfield observed, in his usual urbane tone, Well,
brother Davy, I think we may accept the bail.

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