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JOSEPH II., emperor of Germany, travelling in his usual way, without his
retinue, attended by only a single aide-de-camp, arrived very late at
the house of an Englishman, who kept an inn in the Netherlands. After
eating a few slices of ham and biscuit, the emperor and his attendant
retired to rest, and in the morning paid their bill, which amounted to
only three shillings and sixpence, English, and rode off. A few hours
afterwards, several of his suite arrived, and the publican,
understanding the rank of his guest, appeared very uneasy. Psha! psha!
man, said one of the attendants, Joseph is accustomed to such
adventures, and will think no more of it.--But I shall replied the
landlord; and never forgive myself for having had an emperor in my
house, and letting him off for three and sixpence.

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