The face is flushed, the breath has the odor of liquor, the pulse is full and bounding with deep respiration. Reason, memory, judgment and will are first stimulated and then blunted. The drinker's peculiarities are exaggerated, the person becoming ... Read more of ALCOHOLISM. Acute Symptoms at Home Medicine.caInformational Site Network Informational
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A DYING miser sent for his solicitor, and said, Now begin, and I will
dictate particulars.--I give and I bequeath, commenced the man of
law. No, no, interrupted the testator; I do nothing of the kind; I
will never give or bequeath anything: I cannot do it.--Well, then,
suggested the attorney, after some consideration, suppose you say, 'I
lend, until the last day?'--Yes, yes, that will do, eagerly
rejoined the miser.

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