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The Scold's Vocabulary

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THE copiousness of the English language perhaps was never more apparent
than in the following character, by a lady, of her own husband:--

He is, says she, an abhorred, barbarous, capricious, detestable,
envious, fastidious, hard-hearted, illiberal, ill-natured, jealous,
keen, loathsome, malevolent, nauseous, obstinate, passionate,
quarrelsome, raging, saucy, tantalizing, uncomfortable, vexatious,
abominable, bitter, captious, disagreeable, execrable, fierce, grating,
gross, hasty, malicious, nefarious, obstreperous, peevish, restless,
savage, tart, unpleasant, violent, waspish, worrying, acrimonious,
blustering, careless, discontented, fretful, growling, hateful,
inattentive, malignant, noisy, odious, perverse, rigid, severe, teasing,
unsuitable, angry, boisterous, choleric, disgusting, gruff, hectoring,
incorrigible, mischievous, negligent, offensive, pettish, roaring,
sharp, sluggish, snapping, snarling, sneaking, sour, testy, tiresome,
tormenting, touchy, arrogant, austere, awkward, boorish, brawling,
brutal, bullying, churlish, clamorous, crabbed, cross, currish, dismal,
dull, dry, drowsy, grumbling, horrid, huffish, insolent, intractable,
irascible, ireful, morose, murmuring, opinionated, oppressive,
outrageous, overbearing, petulant, plaguy, rough, rude, rugged,
spiteful, splenetic, stern, stubborn, stupid, sulky, sullen, surly,
suspicious, treacherous, troublesome, turbulent, tyrannical, virulent,
wrangling, yelping dog-in-a-manger.

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