Once upon a time there was a man who had a daughter, who was called Clever Alice; and when she was grown up, her father said, We must see about her marrying. Yes, replied her mother, whenever a young man shall appear who is worthy of her. ... Read more of Clever Alice at Children Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Whether Tall Men Or Short Men Are Best Or Bold Men Or Modest And Shy Men I Can't Say But This I Protest All The Fair Are In Favor Of Hy-men
Charlemagne Was In Need Of Amusement
Couples Making Love Will Beware Of The Rubber Plant
Ma What Is A Panama Man Called
Adversity Is Not Without Comfort--your Enemy May Be In Harder Luck Than You
Electricity Is A Great Educator
Yes There Is One Part Of The Dough-nut That Wouldn't Give You Dyspepsia
How Are You To-day

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What's The Matter Here
How By The Statesman Insincere Man's Weary Soul Is Vexed
When We First Dined At A Cafe We Feared They'd Drop Their Trays But Later We Learned Somewhat To Our Dismay It Takes--as Scores Of Men Will Say-- A Big Tip To Upset A Waiter
To-morrow Never Comes They Say; But All Such Talk Is Idle Gush For When We Have A Debt To Pay To-morrow Gets There With A Rush
Rowley Powley Pudding And Pie Kissed The Girls And Made Them Cry
He Went On A Lark So His Wife Did Remark And Some Angry Words Too Did She Mutter
He Was A Genial Smiling Man And Fond Of Whisky Plain But When He Joined The Temperance Club He Never Smiled Again
My Dentist Has An Eagle Eye And Vicious Tools He Hacks With He's Clever But I've Come To Think He'd Make A Better Blacksmith
Of All The Saws That I Ever Saw Saw I Never Saw A Saw Saw Like This Saw Saws

Have you received last month's gas bill dear

Puns Home

"Have you received last month's gas bill, dear?"

"Yes, husband."

"Well, what's the charge of the light brigade?"

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Little Willie--papa Why Does The Railway Company Have Those Cases With The Ax And Saw In Every Car
Lawyer: Have You Conscientious Scruples Against Serving As A Juror Where The Penalty Is Death
Little Mary Quite Contrary
How To Make Your Trousers Last Make Your Coat And Waistcoat First
As Man And Wife Are One The Husband When Seated With His Wife Must Be Beside Himself
Elderly Man (greeting Former Acquaintance)--i Remember Your Face Perfectly Miss But Your Name Has Escaped Me
Couples Making Love Will Beware Of The Rubber Plant
Biggs--i Hear The Jail Was Afire This Morning
Did You Ever Hear About The Two Holes In Our Back-yard
Speaking Of Accommodating Hotel Clerks Remarked A Portland Commercial Traveller The Best I Ever Saw Was In A Town Near Bangor
Only The Highest Element In Local Society Was Invited To The Ball
Wife-will You See That My Grave Is Kept Green My Darling
Lady--why Do You Remove Your Sword Lieutenant
Askit-what Is A Convenient Fall Trip For Me To Take
They Say Corporations Have No Soul
The Street Car Lurched
You Have A Bad Cold He Said
What Is There About Betting On Horse-races That Is So Bad For The Health
The Doctor--you Regard Society As Merely A Machine Do You
You Own Your Own House Don't You
He--the Fact Is You Women Make Fools Of The Men
In Choosing A Wife Said The Scanty-haired Philosopher One Should Never Judge By Appearances
How By The Statesman Insincere Man's Weary Soul Is Vexed
I Know A Man Who Says He Can't Sit Down And He Can't Stand Up
Nature Never Allows Anything To Run To Waist