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Whether Tall Men Or Short Men Are Best Or Bold Men Or Modest And Shy Men I Can't Say But This I Protest All The Fair Are In Favor Of Hy-men
Charlemagne Was In Need Of Amusement
Couples Making Love Will Beware Of The Rubber Plant
Ma What Is A Panama Man Called
Adversity Is Not Without Comfort--your Enemy May Be In Harder Luck Than You
Yes There Is One Part Of The Dough-nut That Wouldn't Give You Dyspepsia
Electricity Is A Great Educator
How Are You To-day

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What's The Matter Here
How By The Statesman Insincere Man's Weary Soul Is Vexed
When We First Dined At A Cafe We Feared They'd Drop Their Trays But Later We Learned Somewhat To Our Dismay It Takes--as Scores Of Men Will Say-- A Big Tip To Upset A Waiter
To-morrow Never Comes They Say; But All Such Talk Is Idle Gush For When We Have A Debt To Pay To-morrow Gets There With A Rush
Rowley Powley Pudding And Pie Kissed The Girls And Made Them Cry
He Went On A Lark So His Wife Did Remark And Some Angry Words Too Did She Mutter
He Was A Genial Smiling Man And Fond Of Whisky Plain But When He Joined The Temperance Club He Never Smiled Again
My Dentist Has An Eagle Eye And Vicious Tools He Hacks With He's Clever But I've Come To Think He'd Make A Better Blacksmith
Of All The Saws That I Ever Saw Saw I Never Saw A Saw Saw Like This Saw Saws

I'm nearly starved

Puns Home

"I'm nearly starved. Just got in from a three-hour trip on the

New York Central."

"But couldn't you get anything to eat on the train?"

"Nope! It was a 'fast' train."

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Viewed 1932


Condon--have You Been Cured Of That Last Attack Of Malaria
Ikey--fader Is Imbegunious Undt Inzolvent Der Same
The Pugilist Boxes His Man Before He Lays Him Out
The Stork Is A Bird With A Great Big Bill; He Brings Us The Babies Whenever He Will; Then Comes The Doctor And When He Is Through You Find That He Has A Big Bill Too
I Say Old Chap How Short Your Overcoat Is
Kid--did The Dogs Ever Bite You
And You Really Believe That Friday Is An Unlucky Day
I Got Your Fare Didn't I
Smith--there Is Something That Will Never Be Boycotted By The Fair Sex As Long As Time Lasts
If A Woman Would Change Her Sex What Would Her Religion Be
Only A Silver Watch Said The Pawnbroker
Do You Believe In Transmigration Of Souls
That Young Gentleman Has A Very Taking Manner Said One Young Lady To Another At A Party Of A Young Man Who Had Just Left Them
Wife--got A Dollar
Pa What Branches Did You Take When You Went To School
Our New Congressman Has Made Himself Very Popular
So Maude Is Happily Married
He Dined Not Wisely But Too Well-- Hence All His Ills; And Nothing Now Agrees With Him Excepting Pills
Cityman--do They Keep A Servant Girl
Castles In The Air Are Walled In By Fancy Remarked The Poet
A Woman's Shoe That Is A Mile Too Big Is Never A Foot In Length
My Face Is My Fortune Sir She Said But Her Suitor Saw Right Through Her; She Meant She Could Not Cash A Check Unless The Banker Knew Her
What Makes So Much Froth In A Glass Of Beer Pa
In This Glorious Land Of The Free You Always Have To Pay For The Drinks In Order To Get A Whack At The Free Lunch
Rowley Powley Pudding And Pie Kissed The Girls And Made Them Cry