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What Kind Of Cheese Is Made Backwards?
What Animal Keeps The Best Time?
I'm Sometimes White,
I Come In Different Shapes And Sizes.
I'm A Word That's Hardly There.
No Legs Have I To Dance,
I Never Was, Am Always To Be,
I Cannot Be Felt, Seen Or Touched
Only One Color, But Not One Size,
I Am The Center Of Gravity,

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A Time When They’re Green,
Clasped Hands
Mailing A Valuable Object
Take Some Away
Train Journey
Filling The Room
Can't Be Buried In The Usa
The Following Sentence Is False.
Four Members Of A Band ...
Talking Parrot

The word 'FACETIOUSLY' contains the six vowels

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The word 'FACETIOUSLY' contains the six vowels, A-E-I-O-U and Y, in their alphabetical order. Can you find another English word that does the same?

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