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Joke Topics

Interstate Poultry Show
Political Parties
Scientific Management

Irish Humour

Darby Moran
Preaching Patriotism
Grace After Dinner
The Pies
Lord Avonmore
The Feast Of O'rourke
The Dean And Faulkner
His Habits Of Study--his Influence
A Dog's Religion
Election And Railway Dinners
Lots Drawn To Have Him At Dinner
Curran And The Mastiff
His Defence Of Archibald Hamilton Rowan
Mr Pulteney
Swift's Last Lines

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Visit The Sun
Cough Cure
King Of The Jungle
Signal Man's Test
Before It Starts
How Many Babies?
The New Southern Santa
Bilingual Dog
Animal Football Match
History Of The Internet
The Chastity Belt

Free Jokes

Dear John..
The Truth About Y2k? 8-)
Two Cannibals Met One Day
New Year's Joke For The Day
Kids' Wisdom
Heat Joke
Courtroom Transcript
Food Joke For The Day
Husbands And Wives
Catholic Service
Women Drivers

Story Jokes

An Error In Judgment
Popular Opinion
A Soothing Effect
Half A Duck Deep
He Knew


A Child On Board
Countess De St. Belmont
Lely And The Alderman
The Kennedies
Thomson And Quin
Literary Pursuits
Sir W. Scott
A Benevolent Judge
Candid Robber


The Rapidity Of Ocean Transport Is Becoming Truly Marvelous
A Watch's Fate Is Hard Indeed For When It's Not In Soak It's Set Back If It Gets Ahead And Scorned Whene'er It's Broke
Brown--i Hear That They Use All Sorts Of Materials In The Manufacture Of Illuminating Gas Nowadays
Dearest She Murmured I'm So Afraid You'll Change
An Old Lady, Being Told That A Certain Lawyer Was Lying
Lawyers Practice At The Bar While Bartenders And Mosquitoes Practice Inside Of It
Old Lady (at A Ball Game)--why Do They Call That A Fowl

Animal Anecdotes

The Newfoundland Dog
An Ass Cast Away
Porus Saved By His Elephant
The Cat And Crows
A Singular Foster-mother
Infant Fascination
A Grateful Lioness


Mailing A Valuable Object
Talking Parrot
The Following Sentence Is False.
A Large Truck Is Crossing A Bridge
Age Of Father And Son
Half Full Or Half Empty?
Explain How The Tractor Got There?
No Legs Have I To Dance,
Filling The Room
If You Have Three Oranges
I Never Was, Am Always To Be,
The Word 'facetiously' Contains The Six Vowels
Sinking Ship
Cogs, Tigs And Pabs
Train Journey

Canadian Humour

The Doctor
The Deacon's Bargain
The Japanese Reporter
The Honest Newsboy
The Glow-worm And The Famished Nightingale
The Ahkoond Of Swat
The Centipede And The Barbaric Yak
A Toast
The Plumber's Revenge A Legend Of Madison Avenue
The Hen And The Tailor
Sheepskins And Politics
To Mary
How Bateese Came Home
The Merchant Of Venice