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Joke Topics

Great Britain
Juvenile Delinquency
Washington, George

Irish Humour

Scene Between Fitzgibbon And Curran In The Irish Parliament
On The Same Upright Chief Justice Whitshed
The Dean's Contributory Dinner
Use Of Red Tape
Singular Event
Swift And Bettesworth
Curran And The Judge
Taxing The Air
O'leary And The Rector
A Martial Judge
Kelly The Blacksmith
Resolutions When I Come To Be Old
Roger And The Poultry
Election And Railway Dinners
Curran And The Banker

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The Honeymoon Is Over
Like Georgia In Hell
Not Another Virus
Baking Funeral
The New Southern Santa
Smart Dog
Romantic Food
Problems Printing Yellow
Signal Man's Test
The Chastity Belt
Minister For Drinks

Free Jokes

Rules For Work
Elderly Joke For The Day
Computer Problem Report Form
Stuff You Always Wanted To Know
No Fishing
Tickets Please
Dumb Blondes And A Dentist Story
A Glossary Of Medical Terms, And Alternate Meanings.
Changing Light Bulbs
Star Trek And The Three Stooges
Moral Lesson

Story Jokes

The Gloomy Guest
All In One Breath
Art And Nature
Justice At Last
Only Their Way


General St. Amour
Van Dyke
Elucidation Of Facts In Court
Costume Of The Sisters Of Charity
Mimic Reclaimed
M. Neckar
Johnson And Millar
Pope The Poet


I'll Admit Said Mrs
I Am Told Lynching Is A Pastime In This Section
Held By The Enemy--the Ulster Which We Are Unable To Redeem
What Are You Writing Such A Big Hand For Pat
What Is The Meaning Of The Saying That A Man Shall Earn His Bread In The Sweat Of His Brow
Some Men Get Up With The Lark While Others Want A Swallow The First Thing In The Morning
A Lady One Day Being In Need Of Some Small Change Called Down-stairs To The Cook And Enquired: Mary Have You Any 'coppers' Down There

Animal Anecdotes

Soliciting Succour
A False Alarm
Long Lost Found Again
A Generous Revenge
Strange Rooks
The Broken Heart
The Watch Dog


No Legs Have I To Dance,
3 Switches
Fork In The Road
Half Full Or Half Empty?
What Is The Longest Word In The Dictionary?
How Can This Be?
Train Journey
Canaries And Cages
Talking Parrot
6 In Roman
What Kind Of Cheese Is Made Backwards?
Reading With The Lights Off
Mailing A Valuable Object
What Tree Is Most Warmly Clad?
I'm Sometimes White,

Canadian Humour

The Hen And The Tailor
The Senator's Laundry
The Japanese Reporter
The Corduroy Road
The Plumber's Revenge A Legend Of Madison Avenue
To Mary
Mother Hunt's Chickens
The Ahkoond Of Swat
The Merchant Of Venice
The Deacon's Bargain
The Amateur Orlando
The Doctor
The Blue Nose
The Gray Linnet