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Joke Topics

Public Speakers
Arbitration International
Cost Of Living
Old Age
Fortune Hunters

Irish Humour

Lord Clare
His Birth
Curran At A Debating Society
Gaining Over A Jury
A Courtier's Retort
The Scriblerus Club
His Duel With Captain D'esterre
Grace After Dinner
A Batch Of Interesting Anecdotes
His Triumph Over Dr Johnson
A Beggar's Wedding
Sir R Peel's Opinion Of O'connell
Arthur O'leary
Swift's Charity
His Controversy With An Infidel

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King Of The Jungle
Football Player Test
How Old Am I?
One Good Deed
Blind Pilots
Dinosaur Theory
Signal Man's Test
Romantic Food
Asylum Fence
The Honeymoon Is Over
Cough Cure

Free Jokes

Home Economics Joke For The Day
A Week In Hell ... The Schedule
Dumb Driver
Changing Light Bulbs
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
Light Bulb Jokes
More Church Bulletin Bloopers
Southern Baptist Joke For The Day
The Psychic Hotline
Dumb Blondes And A Dentist Story
Ruts (how To Avoid)

Story Jokes

A Consoling Thought
The Difference
He Was Wrong
Talking Sense


Clear And Conclusive Evidence Was Drawn Out Of A Yorkshireman
George I
A Beggar's Wedding
Magdeline De Savoie
The Two Smith's
Brief Explanation
Hanging Judge
Welcome Sight
Filial Affection


He--time And Tide Wait For No Man
Full Many A Coat Tail That Is Long And Wide Does From The Public Gaze Two Monstrous Patches Hide
Don't Take A Bull By The Horns; Take Him By The Tail Then You Can Let Go Without Getting Some One To Help You
He--yes She Is Living Under An Assumed Name
She--i Think This A Lovely Hat You Bought Me George But Really It's A Sin To Pay $50
Greene--these Wakes Of Yours Are Pretty Boisterous Affairs Sometimes
Why The Bare Idea

Animal Anecdotes

A Shrewd Guesser
Escape Of Jengis Khan
Concerts Of Animals
Cunning As A Fox
The Tame Sea-gull
The Dolphin
A Refugee Squirrel


I Never Was, Am Always To Be,
I Know A Word Of Letters Three,
Only One Color, But Not One Size,
Unusual Paragraph
Half Full Or Half Empty?
Mailing A Valuable Object
Two Grandmothers
Clasped Hands
Bike Spokes
Fork In The Road
Fox, Goose And A Sack Of Corn
Fishing Rod
How Can This Be?
The Word 'facetiously' Contains The Six Vowels
6 In Roman

Canadian Humour

The Corduroy Road
The Coroner And The Banana Peel
The Doctor
How Bateese Came Home
The Villager And The Snake
The Glow-worm And The Famished Nightingale
The Amateur Orlando
The Senator's Laundry
The Unfortunate Elephant
The Hen And The Tailor
The Japanese Reporter
The Plumber's Revenge A Legend Of Madison Avenue
The Merchant Of Venice
The Blue Nose