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Joke Topics

Outdoor Life
Salesmen And Salesmanship

Irish Humour

O'leary And The Irish Parliament
Swift At Thomastown
A Young Judge Done
Lady Morgan
Dr Bolton
A Dead Man With Life In Him
Dialogue Between Swift And His Landlord
Dean Swift And The Preacher Who Stole His Sermon
Darby Moran
Cossing A Dog
On Stephen Duck The Thresher And Favorite Poet
The Dean's Contributory Dinner
Epitaph On Judge Boat
Swift's Behavior At Table
Chief Justice Whitshed

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Idiot Resuce
Cat On The Roof
How Many Babies?
Dinosaur Theory
Turkey Roll
The Honeymoon Is Over
Romantic Food
Hunting In The Jungle
How Old Am I?
History Of The Internet
Animal Football Match

Free Jokes

What's In The Pocket?
The Politician And The Butter
35 Fun Things To Do When Driving
Music Man
Beer Stories
Golf Jokes For The Day
Crazy Vs
Humor Ordering Pzzas
Quality Of Life
God Gifts
A Women's Perspective

Story Jokes

He Knew
Her Views
Easy Living
Redeeming Trait
A Consoling Thought
Safety First


300 Scudi (l62), With The Words, "for The Advocate ..
Costume Of The Sisters Of Charity
Maximilian I
The Schoolmaster Abroad
Chantrey's First Sculpture
Ingenious Contrivance
The Two Smith's


I've Been Married Five Years And I've Got A Bushel Of Children
Yeast--did You Ever Try To Dye Eggs
A Painter Who Fell Off A Scaffold With A Pot Of Paint In Each Hand Said: Well I Came Down With Flying Colors Anyhow
If You Should Die What Would You Do With Your Body
This Life's A Game Of Chance They Say: The Saw's More Sad Than Witty The Public Gathers 'round To Play The Trust Controls The Kitty
Can You Give Me A Front Room On The First Floor
I Once Knew A Man Who With The Aid Of A Microscope Made A Harness For A Flea

Animal Anecdotes

A Newsman Extraordinary
A Grateful Return
The Dog And Goose
The Newfoundland Dog
An Usurper Punished
Sagacious Bruin
Mice As Navigators


Cogs, Tigs And Pabs
What Common English Word ...
If You Have Three Oranges
The Following Sentence Is False.
I Come In Different Shapes And Sizes.
No Legs Have I To Dance,
Filling The Room
Four Members Of A Band ...
With Pointed Fangs It Sits In Wait,
What Tree Is Most Warmly Clad?
A Large Truck Is Crossing A Bridge
I Know A Word Of Letters Three,
Only One Color, But Not One Size,
Bricked Up Room
The Word 'facetiously' Contains The Six Vowels

Canadian Humour

The Glow-worm And The Famished Nightingale
The Merchant Of Venice
The Amateur Orlando
The Corduroy Road
The Honest Newsboy
The Deacon's Bargain
The Unfortunate Elephant
The Villager And The Snake
The Centipede And The Barbaric Yak
The Blue Nose
The Gray Linnet
Sheepskins And Politics
The Senator's Laundry
The Japanese Reporter