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Joke Topics

American Girl
Old Age
Only $4.oo

Irish Humour

O'leary And Captain Rock
A Courtier's Retort
A Nolle Prosequi
Employment Of Informers
O'connell And A Bilking Client
Swift Arbuthnot And Parnell
A Dead Man With Life In Him
Curran And The Judge
Lady Morgan
Lord Clare
Dr Sacheverell
Miss Bennet
Swift's Peculiarity Of Humor
The Dean's Contributory Dinner
Swift At Thomastown

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Baby Turtle
Cough Cure
Child Custody
Visit The Sun
Commercial Misfortune
Signal Man's Test
Like Georgia In Hell
The Honeymoon Is Over
One Good Deed
Animal Football Match
The Chastity Belt

Free Jokes

Children Joke For The Day
Ten Excuses Men Give For Calling Off A Relationship
The Pope Comes To America :-)
Jews Converting To Christianity
Seniors: What Are They Worth?
Playing Church
Aircraft Warranty
Smile & Be Happy?
Three Guys Get To Heaven...
How Do You Decide Who To Marry?
Photo Radar

Story Jokes

Such A Waste
Sunday School
A Humbling Sight
No Effect
Domestic Quarrels


A Gamekeeper's Daughter
Algerine Captain
A Relay Of Legs
Music And Politics
Treated So Cavalierly
Filial Affection
An Appropriate Version
Gallant Daughter
An Odd Fault
Johnson And Lord Elibank


Three Women May A Secret Keep If As It Has Been Said There's One Of The Lot Has Heard It Not And The Other Two Are Dead
My Lord Said The Foreman Of An Irish Jury When Giving In His Verdict We Find The Man Who Stole The Mare Not Guilty
He Has None Of The Finer Sensibilities Nothing To Distinguish Him From The Common Herd
--that Jersey Murderer Was Clever To Get Off As He Did Wasn't He
If Tough Spells Tough
A Recent School Examination In England Elicited The Following Definitions: Noah's Wife Wrote One Boy Was Called Joan Of Arc
That Tenor Of Yours Has A Marvelous Voice

Animal Anecdotes

Deceiving The Fowler
A Providential Safe Conduct
Drawing Water
A Grateful Return
Musical Mice
A Mother Watching Her Young
Cunning As A Fox


Take Some Away
Train Journey
Clasped Hands
The Answer Is Right In Front Of You...
Reading With The Lights Off
Age Of Father And Son
Four Members Of A Band ...
How Many Am I?
Mailing A Valuable Object
6 In Roman
What Is The Noblest Musical Instrument?
What 7 Letter Word
The Following Sentence Is False.
Can't Be Buried In The Usa
Filling The Room

Canadian Humour

The Corduroy Road
The Unfortunate Elephant
Sheepskins And Politics
The Merchant Of Venice
The Amateur Orlando
The Japanese Reporter
The Honest Newsboy
How Bateese Came Home
The Ahkoond Of Swat
The Centipede And The Barbaric Yak
Mother Hunt's Chickens
The Plumber's Revenge A Legend Of Madison Avenue
The Doctor
The Rhinoceros And The Dromedary