Good-natured Author

The late M. Segur, among other literary productions,
supplied the French theatres with a number of pleasing trifles. If he was

not always successful, he was at least always gay in his reverses. When his

works were ill received by the public, he consoled himself for a failure by

a bon-mot; he made even a point of consoling his companions in misfortune.

A piece of his was once brought forward called the _Yellow Cabriolet_,

which happened to be condemned on the first representation. Some days

afterwards a piece, by another author, was presented, which was equally

unfortunate. The author, petrified at his failure, stood for a moment

immoveable. "Come, come, my dear sir," said M. Segur, "don't be cast down,

I will give you a seat in my _Yellow Cabriolet_."

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