Ingenious Contrivance

Many years ago, when stagecoaches were not
unfrequently attacked by highwaymen, a party was once travelling on a

lonely road, when one of the gentlemen mentioned to the company that he had

ten guineas with him, which he was afraid of losing. Upon this an elderly

lady who sat next to him, advised him to take his money from his pocket,

and slip it into his boot, which he did. Not long after the coach was

attacked, when a highwayman rode up to the window, on the lady's side, and

demanded her money; upon which she immediately whispered to him that if he

would examine that gentleman's boot, he would find ten guineas. The man

took the hint, and the gentleman was obliged to submit patiently; but when

the robber had gone, he loaded his fellow-traveller with abuse, declaring

her to be in confederacy with the highwayman. She replied that certainly

appearances were against her; but if the company in the stage would sup at

her house the following evening, she would explain a conduct which appeared

so mysterious. After a debate among themselves, they consented to go the

next evening according to her invitation. They were ushered into a

magnificent room, where an elegant supper was served, after which, the lady

taking a pocket-book from her pocket, showed that it contained various

notes to the amount of several hundred pounds, and addressing herself to

the gentleman who had been robbed: "I thought, sir," said she, "it was

better to lose ten guineas, than all this valuable property, which I had

about me last night; and I have now the pleasure of returning what you so

kindly lent me."

in July, 1849 Integrity facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail