Shaving a Queen

For some time after the restoration of Charles the
Second, young smooth-faced men performed the women's parts on the stage.

That monarch, coming before his usual time to hear Shakspeare's Hamlet,

sent the Earl of Rochester to know the reason of the delay; who brought

word back, that the queen was not quite shaved. "Ods fish" (his usual

expression), "I beg her majesty's pardon! we will wait till her barber is

done with her."

Liston, in his early career, was a favourite at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and

having applied to the manager for a remuneration equal to the increased

value of his services, he refused the request, adding, "If you are

dissatisfied you are welcome to leave me; such actors as you, sir, are to

be found in every bush." On the evening of the day when this colloquy

occurred, the manager was driving to another town, where he intended "to

carry on the war," when he perceived Liston standing in the middle of a

hedge by the road-side. "Good heavens! Liston," cried the manager, "what

are you doing there?" "Only looking for some of the actors you told me of

this morning," was the reply.

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