Burton, in his "Anatomie of Melancholy," tells us of a physician
in Milan, who kept a house for the reception of lunatics, and by way of

cure, used to make his patients stand for a length of time in a pit of

water, some up to the knees, some up to the girdle, and others as high as

the chin, according as they were more or less affected. An inmate of this

establishment, who happened, for the time to be pretty well recovered, was

standing at the door of the house, and seeing a gallant cavalier ride past

with a hawk on his fist, and his spaniels after him, asked, "What all these

preparations meant?" The cavalier answered, "To kill game." "What may the

game be worth which you kill in the course of a year?" rejoined the

patient. "About five or ten crowns." "And what may your horse, dogs, and

hawks, cost you for a year?" "Four hundred crowns." On hearing this, the

patient, with great earnestness of manner, bade the cavalier instantly

begone, as he valued his life and welfare; "for" said he, "if our master

come and find you here, he will put you into his pit up to the very chin."

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