without doubt," said the bishop

"My lord, I did speak to it; I adjured it
by all that was holy to tell me whence, and for what purpose it thus

appeared."--"And in heaven's name what was the reply?"--"Before he deigned

to speak, he lifted up his staff three several times, my lord, and smote

the floor, even so loudly that verily the strokes caused the room to

reverberate the thundering sound. He then waved the pale blue light which

he bore in what is called a lantern, he waved it even to my eyes; and he

told me, my lord, he told me that he was--yes, my lord--that he was--not

more nor less than--_the watchman!_ who had come to give me notice that my

street-door was open, and that unless I rose and shut it, I might be robbed

before morning." The justice had no sooner concluded, than the bishop


William III. and St. Evremond Ximenes facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail