Kelly The Blacksmith

Although Roger took the lead, he did not monopolize all the wit, of the

parish. It happened that Swift, having been dining at some little

distance from Laracor, was returning home on horseback in the evening,

which was pretty dark. Just before he reached Kellistown, a neighboring

village, his horse lost a shoe. Unwilling to run the risk of laming the

animal by continuing his ride in that condition, he stopped at one

Kelly's, the blacksmith of the village, where, having called the man, he

asked him if he could shoe a horse with a candle. No, replied the

smutty son of Vulcan, but I can with a hammer. Swift, struck with

the reply, determined to have a little more conversation with him.

Accordingly, he alighted and went into the cabin, which was literally

rotten, but supported, wherever it had given way at different times,

with pieces of timber. Swift, as was usual with him, began to rate poor

Kelly soundly for his indolence in not getting his house put into better

repair, in which the wife joined. Hold, Doctor, for one moment!

exclaimed Kelly, and tell me, whether you ever saw a rotten house

better supported in all your life.

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