Lady Morgan

Lady Morgan, in her Wild Irish Girl, speaking of Father John,

chaplain of the Prince of Coolavin, says:--Father John was modelled on

the character of the Dean of Sligo, Dr. Flynn, one of those learned,

liberal, and accomplished gentlemen of the Irish Catholic hierarchy of

that day, whom foreign travel and education, and consequent intercourse

with European society and opinions, sent back to Ireland for its

advantage and illustration, thus turning the penalties of its shallow

and jealous government into a national benefit. At the head of this

distinguished order stood the illustrious Father O'Leary, the Catholic

Dean Swift of his time, the champion of peace, and the eloquent preacher

of Christian charity. His noble works live to attest his fitness to

counsel his country for her good, while his brilliant wit kept up her

reputation for that splendid gift which penal statutes can neither give

nor take away.

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