Miss Bennet

This lady was a celebrated beauty in her day, and often mentioned by

Swift. Dr. Arbuthnot thus speaks of her in one of his letters: Amongst

other things, I had the honor to carry an Irish lady to court that was

admired beyond all the ladies in France for her beauty. She had great

honors done her. The hussar himself was ordered to bring her the King's

cat to kiss. Her name is Bennet.

This circumstance gave rise to the following lines by the Dean:--

For when as Nelly came to France,

(Invited by her cousins)

Across the Tuileries each glance

Kill'd Frenchmen by whole dozens.

The king, as he at dinner sat,

Did beckon to his hussar,

And bid him bring his tabby cat

For charming Nell to buss her.

The ladies were with rage provok'd,

To see her so respected;

The men look'd arch as Nelly strok'd,

And puss her tail erected.

But not a man did look employ,

Except on pretty Nelly;

Then said the Duke de Villeroi,

Ah! qu'elle est bien jolie!

The courtiers all with one accord,

Broke out in Nelly's praises:

Admir'd her rose, and lis sans farde,

Which are your terms Francaises.

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