O'connell And A Bilking Client

He used to lodge, when at Cork, at a stationer's of the name of O'Hara,

in Patrick-street, one of the principal thoroughfares of the city.

There, during the Assizes, there was always a crowd before his door,

lounging under his windows, anxious to get a peep at the Counsellor.

Whenever he made his appearance there was always a hearty cheer. On one

occasion, an old friend of his, who had once belonged to the bar, Mr.

K----, a member of a most respectable family, called on O'Connell during

the Assizes, to pay him a friendly visit. He found O'Connell engaged

with a shrewd-looking farmer, who was consulting him on a knotty case.

Heartily glad to see his old friend, O'Connell sprang forward, saying,

My dear K----, I'm delighted to see you. The farmer, seeing the

visitor come in, cunningly took the opportunity of sneaking away. He had

got what he wanted--the opinion; but O'Connell had not got what he

wanted--the fee. O'Connell at once followed the farmer, who had got the

start by a flight of stairs. The rustic quickened his pace when he found

that the counsellor was in chase. O'Connell saw that he could not catch

the runaway client, who was now on the flight leading into the hall. He

leant over the bannister, and made a grasp at the farmer's collar, but,

instead of the collar, he caught the rustic's wig, which came away in

his hand. O'Connell gave a shout of laughter, and, quick as thought,

jumped in high spirits back to his room. Hurrah! see, K----, I've got

the rascal's wig. Up went the window--

Three cheers for the counsellor!--Long life to your honor. Arrah! isn't

he the man of the people.

Ah! boys, said O'Connell, with glee, look here what I've got for you!

Here's the wig of a rascal that has just bilked me of a fee.

Shouts of laughter rent the air, as the wig was pitched out, to undergo

a rapid process of radical reform at the hands of the mob. As the

wigless farmer made his appearance, he was received with groans of

derision, and was glad enough to escape with unbroken bones.

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