O'connell And Secretary Goulburn

Mr. Goulburn, while Secretary for Ireland, visited Killarney, when

O'Connell (then on circuit) happened to be there. Both stopped at Finn's

Hotel, and chanced to get bedrooms opening off the same corridor. The

early habits of O'Connell made him be up at cock-crow. Finding the

hall-door locked, and so being hindered from walking outside, he

commenced walking up and down the corridor. To pass the time, he

repeated aloud some of Moore's poetry, and had just uttered the lines--

We tread the land that bore us,

The green flag flutters o'er us,

The friends we've tried are by our side--

At this moment Goulburn popped his nightcapped head out, to see what was

the matter. O'Connell instantly pointed his finger at him, and finished

the verse--

And the foe we hate before us!

In went Goulburn's head in the greatest hurry.

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