Refusal Of Office

In 1838, on the morning when O'Connell received from the Government the

offer to be appointed Lord Chief Baron, he walked over to the window,


This is very kind--very kind, indeed!--but I haven't the least notion

of taking the offer. Ireland could not spare me now; not but that, if

she could, I don't at all deny that the office would have great

attractions for me. Let me see, now--there would not be more than about

eight days' duty in the year; I would take a country house near Dublin,

and walk into town; and during the intervals of judicial labor, I'd go

to Derrynane. I should be idle in the early part of April, just when the

jack-hares leave the most splendid trails upon the mountains. In fact, I

should enjoy the office exceedingly upon every account, if I could but

accept it consistently with the interests of Ireland--But I


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