The Monks Of The Screw

This was the name of a club that met on every Saturday during term in a

house in Kevin-street, and had for its members Curran, Grattan, Flood,

Father O'Leary, Lord Charlemont, Judge Day, Judge Metge, Judge

Chamberlaine, Lord Avonmore, Bowes Daly, George Ogle, and Mr. Keller.

Curran, being Grand Prior of the order, composed the charter song as


When Saint Patrick our order created,

And called us the Monks of the Screw,

Good rules he revealed to our Abbot,

To guide us in what we should do.

But first he replenished his fountain

With liquor the best in the sky:

And he swore by the word of his saintship

That fountain should never run dry.

My children, be chaste till you're tempted--

While sober, be wise and discreet--

And humble your bodies with fasting,

Whene'er you've got nothing to eat.

Then be not a glass in the convent,

Except on a festival, found--

And this rule to enforce, I ordain it

A festival--all the year round.

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