Verses Left With A Silver Standish On The Dean's Desk By Dr Delany

Hither from Mexico I came,

To serve a proud Iernian dame;

Was long submitted to her will,

At length she lost me at Quadrille.

Through various shapes I often passed,

Still hoping to have rest at last;

And still ambitious to obtain

Admittance to the patriot Dean;

And sometimes got within his door,

But soon turn'd out to serve the poor;

Not strolling idleness to aid,

But honest industry decay'd.

At length an artist purchased me,

And wrought me to the shape you see.

This done, to Hermes I applied:

O Hermes! gratify my pride!

Be it my fate to serve a sage,

The greatest genius of his age;

That matchless pen let me supply,

Whose living lines will never die!

I grant your suit, the god replied,

And here he left me to reside.

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