A Satisfactory Total

A SCOTCH Minister, after a hard day's labor, and while at a denner

tea, as he called it, kept incessantly praising the haam, and stating

that Mrs. Dunlop at hame was as fond o' haam like that as he was, when

the mistress kindly offered to send her the present of a ham. It's unco

kin' o' ye, unco kin', but I'll no pit ye to the trouble; I'll just tak'

it hame on the horse afore me. When, on leaving, he mounted, and the

ham was put into a sack, but some difficulty was experienced in getting

it to lie properly. His inventive genius soon cut the Gordian-knot. I

think, mistress, a cheese in the ither en' wad mak' a gran'

balance. The hint was immediately acted on, and, like another John

Gilpin, he moved away with his balance true.

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