Domestic Economy

THE following bill of fare (which consists of a dish of fish, a joint of

meat, a couple of fowls, vegetables, and a pudding, being in all seven

dishes for sevenpence!) had its rise in an invitation which a young

lady of forty-seven sent to her lover to dine with her on Christmas Day.

To unite taste and economy is no easy thing; but to show her lover she

had learned that difficult art, she gave him the following dinner:--

L s. d.

At top, fish, two herrings 0 0 1

Middle, one ounce and a half of butter,

melted 0 0 0-3/4

Bottom, a mutton chop, divided 0 0 2

On one side, one pound of small potatoes 0 0 0-1/2

On the other side, pickled cabbage 0 0 0-1/2

First remove, two larks, plenty of crumbs 0 0 1-1/2

Mutton removed, French-roll boiled for a

pudding 0 0 0-1/2

Parsley for garnish 0 0 0-1/4


L0 0 7

--Seven dishes for sevenpence!

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