Not _versus_ Nott

A GENTLEMAN of Maudlin, whose name was Nott, returning late from his

friend's rooms, attracted the attention of the proctor, who demanded his

name and college. I am Nott of Maudlin, was the reply, hiccupping.

Sir, said the proctor, in an angry tone, I did not ask of what

college you are not, but of what college you are.--I am Nott of

Maudlin, was again the broken reply. The proctor, enraged at what he

considered contumely, insisted on accompanying him to Maudlin, and

demanded of the porter, whether he knew the gentleman.--Know him,

sir, said the porter, yes, it is Mr. Nott of this college. The

proctor now perceived his error in not understanding the gentleman,

and wished him a good night.

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