Seeing A Coronation

A SAD mistake was once made at court by the beautiful and celebrated

Duchess of Hamilton. Shortly before the death of George II., and whilst

he was greatly indisposed, Miss Gunning, upon becoming Duchess of

Hamilton, was presented to his majesty. The king, who was particularly

pleased with the natural elegance and artlessness of her manner,

indulged in a long conversation with her grace. In the course of this

tete-a-tete the duchess said, with great animation, I have seen

everything! There is only one thing in this world I wish to see, and I

do long so much to see that! The curiosity of the monarch was so

greatly excited to know what this wonderful thing could be, that he

eagerly asked her what it was. A coronation, replied the thoughtless

duchess; nor was she at all conscious of the mistake she had made, till

the king took her hand with a sigh, and with a melancholy expression

replied, I apprehend you have not long to wait; you will soon have

your wish. Her grace was overwhelmed with confusion.

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