The Rivals

A GOOD story of Gibbon is told in the last volume of Moore's Memoirs.

The dramatis personae were Lady Elizabeth Foster, Gibbon the historian,

and an eminent French physician,--the historian and doctor being rivals

in courting the lady's favor. Impatient at Gibbon's occupying so much of

her attention by his conversation, the doctor said crossly to him,

Quand milady Elizabeth Foster sera malade de vos fadaises, je la

guerirai. [When my Lady Elizabeth Foster is made ill by your twaddle,

I will cure her.] On which Gibbon, drawing himself up grandly, and

looking disdainfully at the physician, replied, Quand milady Elizabeth

Foster sera morte de vos recettes, je l'im-mor-taliserai. [When my

Lady Elizabeth Foster is dead from your recipes I will immortalize her.]

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