Theatrical Mistakes

A LAUGHABLE blunder was made by Mrs. Gibbs, at Covent Garden Theatre, in

the season of 1823, in the part of Miss Stirling, in The Clandestine

Marriage. When speaking of the conduct of Betty, who had locked the

door of Miss Fanny's room, and walked away with the key, Mrs. G. said,

She had locked the key, and carried away the door in her pocket.

Mrs. Davenport, as Mrs. Heidelberg, had previously excited a hearty

laugh, by substituting for the original dialogue, I protest there's a

candle coming along the gallery with a man in his hand; but the

mistake by Mrs. Gibbs seemed to be so unintentional, so unpremeditated,

that the effect was irresistible; and the audience, celebrated the joke

with three rounds of applause.

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