Vulgar Arguments

AT a club, of which Jerrold was a member, a fierce Jacobite, and a

friend, as fierce, of the cause of William the Third, were arguing

noisily, and disturbing less excitable conversationalists. At length the

Jacobite, a brawny Scot, brought his fist down heavily upon the table,

and roared at his adversary:--

I tell you what it is, sir, I spit upon your King William!

The friend of the Prince of Orange was not to be out-mastered by mere

lungs. He rose, and roared back to the Jacobite:--

And I, sir, spit upon your James the Second!

Jerrold, who had been listening to the uproar in silence, hereupon rung

the bell, and shouted:--

Waiter, spittoons for two!

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