: Dinners.

Charles Bannister dining one day at the Turk's Head Tavern, was
much annoyed by a gentleman in the adjoining box, who had just ordered fish

for dinner, and was calling on the waiter for every species of fish sauce

known to the most refined epicure. "Waiter," said he, "bring me anchovy

sauce, and soy; and have you got Harvey's? and be sure you bring me

Burgess's;--and waiter--do you hear?--don't omit the sauce _epicurienne_."

How many more he would have enumerated it is difficult to say, had not

Bannister stepped up to him, and bowing very politely, said, "Sir, I beg

your pardon for thus interrupting you, but I see you are advertised for in

the newspaper of this morning." "Me, sir, advertised for!" exclaimed the

gentleman, half petrified with surprise; "pray, sir, what do you mean?"

Bannister, taking the paper, pointed to an advertisement addressed to "The

Curious in Fish Sauces." The gentleman felt the rebuke, sat down, and ate

his dinner without further ceremony.