Father Bernard

: Politeness.

His patience was such as no circumstances, however
offensive, could subdue. One day he presented a petition in favour of an

unfortunate person, to a nobleman in place; the latter being of a hasty

temper, flew into a violent passion, said many injurious things of the

person for whom the priest interested himself. Father Bernard, however,

still persisted in his request; and the nobleman was at last so irritated,

that he gave hi
a box on the ear. Bernard immediately fell at his feet,

and presenting the other, said, "Give me a blow on this also, my lord, and

grant me my petition." The nobleman was so affected by this humility, that

he granted his request.

Philip, the second King of Spain, had once spent several hours of the night

in writing a long letter to the Pope, and having finished it, gave it to

his secretary to fold it up and seal it. The secretary was half asleep, and

instead of shaking the sand-bottle over it in order to dry it, he emptied

that which contained the ink by mistake, so that all the ink ran out upon

the letter and completely spoiled it; perceiving the accident, he was

ready to drop with confusion, upon which the King quietly said: "Well,

give me another sheet of paper;" and then began to write the letter over

again with great tranquillity.

An Italian poet presented some verses to the Pope, who had not gone far

before he met with a line too short in quantity, which he remarked upon.

The poet submissively entreated his holiness to read on, and he would

probably meet with a line that was a syllable too long, so that the account

would soon be balanced!

A certain Italian having written a book on the Art of making gold,

dedicated it to Pope Leo X., in hopes of a good reward. His holiness

finding the man constantly followed him, at length gave him a large empty

purse, saying, "Sir, since you know how to make gold, you can have no need

of anything but a purse to put it in."