General St. Amour

: Affection.

This officer, who distinguished himself in the Imperial
service, was the son of a poor Piedmontese peasant, but he never forgot his

humble extraction. While the army was in Piedmont, he invited his principal

officers to an entertainment, when his father happened to arrive just as

they were sitting down to table. This being announced to the general, he

immediately rose, and stated to his guests his father's arrival. He said he

knew the respect he owed to them, but at the same time he hoped they would

excuse him if he withdrew, and dined with his father in another room. The

guests begged that the father might be introduced, assuring him that they

should be happy to see one so nearly related to him; but he replied, "Ah,

no, gentlemen; my father would find himself so embarrassed in company so

unsuited to his rank, that it would deprive us both of the only pleasure of

the interview--the unrestrained intercourse of a parent and his son." He

then retired, and passed the evening with his father.