Horse Trials

: Laws And Lawyers.

In the art of cross-examining a witness, Curran was
pre-eminent. A clever repartee is recorded of him in a horse cause. He had

asked the jockey's servant his master's age, and the man had retorted, with

ready gibe, "I never put my hand into his mouth to try!" The laugh was

against the lawyer till he made the bitter reply,--"You did perfectly

right, friend; for your master is said to be a great bite."

Erskine displayed similar readiness in a case of breach of warranty. The

horse taken on trial had become dead lame, but the witness to prove it said

he had a cataract in his eye. "A singular proof of lameness," suggested the

Court. "It is cause and effect," remarked Erskine; "for what is a cataract

but a fall?"