M. Neckar

: Humanity.

The six companies, or bodies corporate, of the City of Paris,
set on foot in the month of October, 1788, a subscription for the relief of

the sufferers by a dreadful hail-storm, which had ravaged a part of the

country, and totally destroyed all the hopes of the husbandmen. To the

honour of these companies, no less than 50,000 livres were collected in a

short time, and placed in the hands of M. Neckar, in order to be applied to

the purpose for which they were subscribed. M. Neckar, on receiving the

money, directed it to be sent to the Treasury. "To the Treasury, my lord!"

exclaimed the bearer. "Yes, sir," replied M. Neckar; "50,000 livres will do

well for the Treasury, from which I drew yesterday 150,000 livres, to be

distributed among the same husbandmen whom it is your object to relieve,

feeling assured that the Treasury could never suffer from an advance made

on the credit of the humanity of Frenchmen."