Man--shut it up--shut it up! Go home and read my book, p

: Doctors.

, and take one
of the pills there mentioned every night on going to bed." The lawyer

handed over the fee, and was about to leave the room, when Mr. A. thus

accosted him: "Why, look here;--this is but a shilling!" The barrister

sarcastically replied, "Aye, there 'tis--I see it--I'm satisfied. Quite

enough, man;--shut it up--shut it up!" and hastily decamped from the room.

A lady, who had received a severe bite in her arm from a dog, went to Mr.

Abernethy, but knowing his aversion to hearing any statement of

particulars, she merely uncovered the injured part, and held it before him

in silence. After looking at it an instant, he said in an inquiring tone,

"Scratch?" "Bite," replied the lady. "Cat?" asked the doctor. "Dog,"

rejoined the patient. So delighted was Mr. A. with the brevity and

promptness of her answers, that he exclaimed, "Zounds, madam! you are the

most sensible woman I ever met with in my life."