Touching Recognition

: Affection.

Some years ago, in making a new communication
between two shafts of a mine at Fahkin, the capital of Delecarlia, the body

of a miner was discovered by the workmen in a state of perfect

preservation, and impregnated with vitriolic water. It was quite soft, but

hardened on being exposed to the air. No one could identify the body: it

was merely remembered that the accident, by which he had thus been buried

in the bosom of the ea
th, had taken place above fifty years ago. All

enquiries about the name of the sufferer had already ceased, when a

decrepid old woman, supported on crutches, slowly advanced towards the

corpse, and knew it to be that of a young man to whom she had been

promised in marriage more than half a century ago. She threw herself on the

corpse, which had all the appearance of a bronze statue, bathed it with her

tears, and fainted with joy at having once more beheld the object of her

affections. One can with difficulty realize the singular contrast afforded

by that couple--the one buried above fifty years ago, still retaining the

appearance of youth; while the other, weighed down by age, evinced all the

fervency of youthful affections.