A Good Finder

One day a tradesman, walking with a friend, offered to wager that if he

were to hide a five-shilling piece in the dust, his dog would discover and

bring it to him. The wager was accepted, and the piece of money marked and

secreted. When the two had proceeded some distance, the tradesman called

to his dog that he had lost something, and ordered him to seek it. The dog

immediately turned back, and his master and his companion pursued

walk. Meanwhile a traveller, driving in a small chaise, perceived the

piece of money which his horse had kicked from its hiding-place, alighted,

took it up, and drove to his inn. The dog had just reached the spot in

search of the lost piece, when the stranger picked it up. He followed the

chaise, went into the inn. Having scented out the coin in the pocket of

the traveller, he leaped up at him incessantly. Supposing him to be some

dog that had lost his master, the traveller regarded his movements as

marks of fondness; and as the animal was handsome, determined to keep him.

He gave him a good supper, and on retiring took him with him to his

chamber. No sooner had he pulled off his breeches than they were seized by

the dog; the owner, conceiving that he wanted to play with them, took them

away. The animal began to bark at the door, which the traveller opened,

thinking the dog wanted to go out. The dog snatched up the breeches and

away he flew, the traveller posting after him with his nightcap on. The

dog ran full speed to his master's house, followed by the stranger, who

accused the dog of robbing him. "Sir," said the master, "my dog is a very

faithful creature; and if he ran away with your breeches, it is because

you have in them money which does not belong to you." The traveller became

still more angry. "Compose yourself, sir," rejoined the other, smiling;

"without doubt there is in your purse a five-shilling piece which you

picked up in the road, and which I hid knowing my dog would bring it back.

This is the cause of the robbery which he has committed upon you." The

stranger acknowledged the truth of the tradesman's statement, delivered up

the coin, and departed.