A Providential Safe Conduct

A traveller gives a singular anecdote of a lion, which he says was related

to him by very credible persons. About the year 1614 or 1615, two

Christian slaves at Morocco made their escape, travelling by night, and

hiding themselves in the tops of trees during the day, their Arab pursuers

frequently passing by them. One night, while pursuing their journey, they

were much astonished and alarmed to see a great lion close by them, who

walked when they walked, and stood still when they stood. Thinking this a

safe conduct sent to them by Providence, they took courage, and travelled

in the daytime in company with the lion. The horsemen who had been sent in

pursuit came up, and would have seized upon them, but the lion interposed,

and they were suffered to pass on. Every day these poor fugitives met with

some one or other of the human race who wanted to seize them, but the lion

was their protector until they reached the sea coast in safety, when he

left them.