Cunning As A Fox

An American gentleman was in pursuit of foxes, accompanied by two

bloodhounds; the dogs were soon in scent, and pursued a fox nearly two

hours, when suddenly they appeared at fault. The gentleman came up with

them near a large log lying upon the ground, and felt much surprised to

find them taking a circuit of a few rods without an object, every trace of

the game seeming to have been lost, while they kept still yelping. On

looking about him, he discovered sly Reynard stretched upon the log,

apparently lifeless. The master made several efforts to direct the

attention of his dogs towards the fox but failed; at length he approached

so near the artful object of his pursuit as to see him breathe. Even then

no alarm was exhibited; and the gentleman seizing a club, aimed a blow at

him, which Reynard evaded by a leap from his singular lurking-place,

having thus for a time effectually eluded his rapacious pursuers.